Multifunctional Post Modern Statement Furniture


Bezier Home is a designer furniture brand creating multifunctional modern statement furniture.

Our furniture is designed to be part furniture, part art

Furniture and/or Art

Our furniture is artfully designed – so much so it is not only multi-functional but also a piece of art

Independently Designed, with Love

Small-Batch, Responsibly Manufactured

High-Gloss Premium Lacquer

Ultra-Securely Packaged in Wooden Crates


Hidden Storage

All of our furniture design features hidden storage that is artfully incorporated into the overall form that maximizes the functionality of the furniture while remaining discreet.

Functional Surprises

We also love delightful yet functional surprises in our design. The top of our coffee table is a fully standalone tray that can come in handy for your entertainment and cleanup needs.


Our furniture is highly-imaginative both in its form factor and usage. You can use your vanity as a desk, console or simply, vanity. You can use your coffee table as is or as a storage cabinet for your children’s toys. 


Our customers are our inspirations

Talk Around Town

I love the quality of the lacquer - they are so bright and shiny. It stands out like a star and makes cleaning so much easier. I've never though I could own a piece of furniture that is practically art without spending my life savings on it.
Sofia H.
Miami, Florida
I have never thought a vanity can look so chic - when I'm using it, I can store all of my makeup in the makeup organizer on the top level and other less visually-appealing stuff on the lower level. But when I'm not using it, it turns into a beautiful console!
Preethi B.
New York, NY
I bought the coffee table for my new living room. I'm so glad I found the Half Moon Bay! I love to entertain - and now with my new coffee table, I can hide all of the mess inside the hidden storage while I enjoy the company and compliments of my friends.
Jacob B.
Palm Springs, CA

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